Experts in designing efficiency

CDL engineering comes up with ready-made, intelligent solutions for general industrial engineering and automation projects

Our areas of expertise

CDL Engineering focuses on 4 areas of expertise:


Project Management 

You can call on us when expanding your production facilities. We take care of the general layout of the space based on a detailed workflow analysis.


Concept Development

Concept development can be carried out on layout, workflow, piping or on specific machines. 


Mechanical Engineering

CDL Engineering also focuses on mechanical engineering of machines and parts. 

We design machines from scratch and draw them completely in close consultation with the customer. 


Innovative 3D scanner

Are you planning to change or expand your company's production facilities? Thanks to our innovative 3D scan, you will get a perfect picture of the possibilities in the space, and you can measure every corner down to the smallest detail.

CDL engineering stands for

A reliable partner

CDL engineering often has to deal with sensitive customer information, requiring strict confidentiality and close monitoring of major investments and far-reaching innovations.

CDL Engineering's small scale and complete independence in proposing solutions are a great advantage.

Listening to your wishes

CDL engineering can work according to a well-defined assignment, but we prefer to draw up the specifications based on your wishes and build on these to think along with the client in an active and proactive manner, proposing out of the box solutions.


Together with the customer, the production environments, process lines or specific automation projects are carefully analysed. 

When going through the development process, product flow, ergonomics, safety and environmental requirements, etc. are taken into account.

The budget is always kept in mind. The concept is fully worked out and visualised in close cooperation with the customer and suppliers.

A wide variety of advanced programmes are used.


We like to follow up projects closely with the customer from personal contact

Short lines of communication, permanent project supervisors and designers within CDL Engineering guarantee a particularly efficient working method and affordable solution!

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Experts in designing efficiency

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